Blue Ginger Picnics in The Tweed

4 July 2020
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A beautiful view, an elegant picnic and a hamper of goodies. All organised for you. What’s not to love?

An elegant picnic at the beach

Tania Usher is the owner of Blue Ginger Picnics. Her mission is to connect customers to nature, and her carefully curated picnic settings means she does just that. When you book one of her picnics you could find yourself nestled in the dunes with sweeping beach views, or perhaps perched up high with a panoramic vista of majestic Mount Warning.

Tania sets up a beautiful picnic in the trees
Tania sets up one of her elegant picnics

The Tweed is a picnicker’s paradise. Flying under the radar, this quiet area in northern New South Wales is renowned for its scenery. Stretching from the sea to the mountains, there are five national parks and spectacular beaches and rivers.

The Tweed is rapidly gaining a reputation with foodies too. Local farmers, first class chefs, and several breweries and distilleries have made this a hub for travelling tastebuds.

As part of a commitment to source everything locally, Blue Ginger Picnics works closely with local producers to provide a delicious showcase of the region – including local cheeses, handmade crackers, corn chips, dips and chutneys, gin, pesto, olives, pecans and macadamias.

Lots of local produce laid out for a picnic
100% local produce

We owe picnics to the French, who have embraced outdoor dining for centuries. In a nod to those famously elegant French, Tania’s picnics offer a welcoming, relaxing touch of luxury. Each season has its own style and picnic setting, in soft, natural colours.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Tania does, so Blue Ginger Picnics was launched as a no-waste, no-plastic business. She uses a recycled barn door for a table, and locally made wooden platters and tableware. If only more business owners would follow her lead.

During the covid lockdown, Tania’s business came to an abrupt halt. With some quick thinking and support from locals she switched to delivering picnic boxes instead. This meant local food producers were still able to sell their wares, and cooped up customers could enjoy her picnics at home.

Tania’s beautiful picnics have set the scene for romantic wedding proposals and elopements, and are a firm favourite for hen’s parties, baby showers, anniversaries and birthday celebrations. According to Tania the weather gods usually smile on her picnics too.

Romantic picnic set up ready for wedding proposal

Tania’s now looking to expand the range of experiences she offers…. and I was lucky enough to enjoy her new ‘picnic on water’ – a slow, leisurely float down the Tweed river – I highly recommend!  

Picnic on the boat

Tania won gold at the Australian Tourism Awards earlier in the year, an accolade that acknowledges her vision to create magical moments.

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, be sure to check out and @bluegingerpicnics

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On my bucket list now!!! Looks and sounds amazing – thanks for sharing ????


I think we’d both love to do this with a group of gals xx

Grace Franklin

In Paris on the Seine, they have evening dinners aboard the boats that sail leisurely along the river. Bateaux Mouches (If my French is correct?) Maybe Tania at Blue Ginger Picnics might extend her picnic cruises to evening ones with candle light? If I wasn’t so far away, I’d book a picnic (ashore!) now!


We must organise one of Tania’s picnics for you next time youre back in Oz!

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