Road trippin’ solo at 74 – be like Karen

My lovely neighbour Karen just got home after driving around the country for 2 months in a campervan. She’s 74 years old, and a total inspiration. I asked her what prompted her to hit the road, and she said that while she’d made sure her 3 sons had visited important places like Uluru, she had…

Watermelon steak… lunch at Locavore

Locavore is touted as one of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. Thanks to an amazing wedding gift from some friends, we had the pleasure of dining there while in Bali on our honeymoon. When we went to book, we discovered it was Locavore’s last week of service – Locavore was about to close its…

Wildflowers out West

The wildflowers of Western Australia are one of the most spectacular flower displays in the world.

Stanthorpe cheese & wine with Granite Belt Bike Tours

Granite Belt Bike Tours are a family run business in Stanthorpe, offering guided and self-guided cycle tours and bike hire. If cycling through a region of wineries and apple orchards sounds like your thing then I recommend you get pedalling on their Castles, Cafes and Cabernet guided bike tour. On the morning of our tour,…

Bamboo for body, mind and planet

Exploring the untapped potential of bamboo In Bali they use bamboo to build everything from schools to multi-level luxury hotels. While climate conditions and strict building regulations mean we can’t build with bamboo here in Australia, there’s so much more we can, and should, be doing with this amazing plant. My podcast interview with ‘Becky…

My van trip across Australia

A year ago I set off on my epic van trip across Australia…. T’was a crisp winter morning when I posed for this pic in my van, a moment before setting off on my 14,000 km road trip. After a flurry of last-minute packing, Geisha’s loaded up and we’re hitting the road. My plan is…

Blue Ginger Picnics in The Tweed

Tania Usher turned her Blue Ginger Picnics into one of Australia’s top food tourism businesses.
Transforming the humble picnic into an elegant special occasion, Tanya showcases the very best of the Tweed through stunning scenery and delicious local food.

Farm life with Hinterland Feijoas

On the Sunshine Coast is a delightful little farm called Hinterland Feijoas. Nestled in green rolling hills, the farm is home to an orchard of 800 feijoa trees, lovingly tended by owners Sally and Peter.

Fair Game Wild Venison

As a Kiwi I grew up eating venison, small medallions cooked on the sizzling hotplate, rich and lean. Although it’s one of the healthiest red meats, I’ve never really seen it on menus here in Australia. After ‘meating’ fellow Kiwi Jonas Widjaja, venison is on my radar again. In fact I’ll be getting my hands…

The best way to eat oysters

Having spent a morning with Oyster Farm Tours Coffin Bay I have to say it’s one of my all-time favourite foodie experiences.