Why you should be a tourist in your own town

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4 December 2013
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I’ve lived in Brisbane for more than 6 years but I’m still excited by this ol’ town because I make a point of discovering new things. Actually one of my life mantras is to ‘try new things’. I’m constantly on the lookout for new places to visit, new things to do and especially new places to eat :-)

I highly recommend being a tourist in your own town. It is way too easy to get caught in the trap of the familiar, going to the same cafes and restaurants, the same parks and taking the same trips out of town. Sure it’s nice to go back to the places you enjoy, but the payoff of trying something new can be awesome. And sometimes all it takes to discover something new is walking a different route home.

While I was working in Brisbane’s CBD my colleague Jenny and I decided to make a point of eating at a new café once a week. Often we would end up wandering the streets until something caught our eye and enticed us in. We had heaps of fun and made lots of little discoveries, like a set of stairs we walked up just to find out what was at the top (a lovely shop where men are measured for bespoke handmade suits no less). Another time I decided to venture into the gold vault, I got to hold gold and silver bars – a random but rather fun thing to do on your lunch break!!

Here are a couple of my new discoveries of late:

Currumbin rock pools – a bit further afield, but I can’t believe I haven’t been here before! An awesome swimming hole and great picnic spot, surrounded by trees and even the odd turtle on the rocks. A popular spot for families on the weekend. If you’re feeling brave you can do bombs off the high rock wall – go on, I dare you!

Currumbin Rock poos

My new discovery, the Currumbin Rock Pools

My new discovery, the Currumbin Rock Pools

Eat Street Markets – a new weekend market in Brisbane for those who want to sample some great foodie delights. The markets at Hamilton Wharf open at 4pm on Friday and Saturday, and if you want to avoid the crowds it’s best to get there early. The place fills up quickly and starts to buzz with a contented, social vibe as the evening sets in, with live music and bars on site to ensure you are well fed and watered. I know someone who went along with a mission to eat $100 dollars worth of food, sounds like a challenge I’d be up for!

Eat Street Markets - foodie heaven

Eat Street Markets – foodie heaven

And tomorrow I’m going to climb the Storey Bridge woot!

The iconic Storey Bridge

The iconic Storey Bridge

I’d love to hear new discoveries you’ve made in your hometown lately – please share in the speech bubble at the top of this post x



A favourite of mine is meeting my friend Ana early Sunday morning to walk from Storey Bridge to south bank and back to then enjoy avo on sourbread, mango chutney and a cuppa @ PUK under a big old fig tree


What a lovely way to start the day!

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