Why solo travel for ladies is becoming a show stopper

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11 March 2018
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Some things are best shared…. and travel is one of those things. Sharing adventures, memories, reassurance, safety – these last two are especially important for us gals. So why is solo travel for ladies becoming a show stopper?

I was single for many years, but didn’t let that stop me from adventuring. Even now I often travel on my own.

I’ve become very comfortable travelling on my own. I really LIKE travelling on my own. I can explore where I want, take as many photos as I want… and I’m an awesome tour guide, what can I say! It’s amazing how many people stop and talk to me when I’m on my own. I think people are curious, because ladies travelling solo isn’t the norm.

But it should be!

My friend Jenny M recently vented that she was struggling to find travel companions. A spirited mature aged woman on her own, she has a good job and 4 weeks leave a year to use up, but she refuses to pay single supplements on tours and believes the travel industry needs to take a long hard look at itself.

Jenny says finding a travel companion isn’t easy at all – someone who can take the same time off, has the same budget, interests and travel style – so she travels far less than she’d like to.

There are plenty of tour companies catering for solo women, but most of them are charging $2000 or more for a weekend away! Jenny and I reckon there’s a real gap in the market for gals traveling with gals… and this year I want to organise some adventures for all the single ladies (you don’t have to be single!).

Here are some ideas I have brewing:

  • a day trip to Macleay Island
  • fighting zombies in a 3D virtual reality game (this will really get you out of your comfort zone, fun!)
  • lunch with a food photographer to learn tips from a pro
  • a day trip to Canungra vineyard for a picnic under the trees
  • a walk or a ride along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Do any of these interest you? If yes then sign up for my newsletter so I can let you know the details. I’m also happy to do a shout out in my newsletter and on my Facebook page if you’re a single gal looking for a fellow lady traveller – message me – you never know what connections are possible!

By the way, right now Jenny is travelling with her 30-year-old daughter on an unbelievable adventure in South America, in remote and off the beaten track places. Her daughter planned the trip and Jenny had to be willing to get well out of her comfort zone, embracing the uncertainty of a backpacker lifestyle. From all the photos she’s posting I’d say she is having the most outrageously fun time ever. I’ll be speaking to Jenny when she gets back so I can write a blog post about the challenges and joys of travelling with her daughter. Sign up to my newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

Jenny and her daughter travelling in South America



Sounds great. Just getting into the solo travel myself and are happy about it now. Has taken a while.
Anyway I love looking at where you explore. Great photos and blog. Very useful for others wishing to see the area. I’m keen for BRVT later in the year st this stage.


So much to do and see, thanks for saying hi and good luck with your adventures Sarah

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